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The Locked Out and Locked Down Blues

It’s been a rough two years, hasn’t it? Here in Italy, they have a tyrant masquerading as a Prime Minister. It just keeps getting worse. Especially as many countries are now opening up. You won't believe itThe latest move? Tyrant Draghi mandated shots for everyone...

What is going on?!?

As the Wee Pup of the household my job is to bring joy.

Caverna di Rolland

Most of the Covid year had been spent navigating the complexities of buying a car in Germany while needing to have Italian plates.

This looks interesting

Dad was outside smoking a stogie. I was snoozing on the couch.

Meet Arfy

Arfy has been a beloved member of our family since 2020.

Our first walkabouts

When we are at liberty, we are a handful.

Our first few days

We knocked on the door of not rotting in place and found ourselves walking right into the Twilight Zone.

How we did it

RING BUMPing started so many years ago we don’t rightly remember.