Barcelona Articles

You never bark alone in Barc-e-lona

Mom and Dad settled in for a nap. They had been gone for a long time. I snuggled with them straight away. Naps are the best! When they woke up they talked about going out for food. *sigh* I hope I get to go …Are you hungry? I could eat.Dad: Where do you want to...

Freedom is an art

Barcelona prides itself on its artists and architects. The City has a singular love for exquisite art that can be seen everywhere in its buildings and parks. Most especially in the buildings designed by Gaudi and his Modernist contemporaries.Dawn: We read that Gaudi’s...

Art, hats and sore backs

Barcelona is magical. Great food. Great wine. Great art.

Well we’ve never been to Spain but we kinda like the freedom

Being locked down sucks. Being locked out is coercion. “Homey don’t play dat,” as the old saying goes.